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The Password is Bingo (finished product) by TheSkull31

I really like this! It works in a way where you see two things instead of one; in this case, I see both the letters, and I also see dif...


Can rappers be considered poets, and can stand-up comedians be considered philosophers? 
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Movies like Pacific Rim astound me. Not because they are good, but because they are so overhyped, especially when the movie in question ISN’T good. So, Pacific Rim received praise almost from day one for being one of the best sci-fi action movies in recent years, and I fail to see why. Granted, it might be because of the giant monster fights, the great resemblance to old sci-fi movies a la Godzilla, or the surprisingly smaller and smarter aspects concerning the mechanics of the giant robots. Heck, it could even be all three.

As for me, I could not find anything to like in those aspects; the movie was dull for my taste. It’s not that I don’t like mindless action, but said action has to be supplemented with some kind of emotional investment, or rich personality. As much as this movie strives to do something of the sort with the scenario, it misses the mark by not being as fun or interesting as it should be.

The story is simple: monsters emerge from a dimensional rift in the Pacific Ocean, and the American army aims to fight them off, as well as sever the link between the two dimensions. So far, there’s enough to like, especially if you are a fan of over the top sci-fi. However, even though the action is over the top, there does not seem to be that much self-awareness or personality in the execution. It still feels like a fairly competent story with characters you are expected to like and care about, which is all well and good in theory, but the characters are not interesting enough.

I did see slivers of intrigue early on in the movie, as the characterizations seemed to go in interesting new directions. However, after a while, it was pretty obvious where things were headed; the characters became boring, since no further development or personality was given to anyone. The protagonists (I assume, since the focus switches from time to time) get a backstory, but what good is that if they are boring people in the present?

I could forgive it if the action and effects were good, and they are to an extent. The movie looks really good and it is gorgeously directed, and even though each frame is heavily detailed, you still get the idea on what’s going on by just looking at it. However, like most bad action movies, most of the action is in extreme close-up so you have trouble seeing the action. That, coupled with the excessive use of lighting and bright colours, makes it hard to tell where things reside spatially relative to each other, which makes the action less exciting. Even the Michael Bay Transformers-movies did the action better. Sure, they could get cluttered at times, but at least you could see stuff.

Also, the monster designs are bland. ‘Nuff said.

So, all in all, this is a great disappointment. I expected it to be as good as people made it out to be, and what could’ve been the next Avengers, or even a spiritual predecessor of Guardians of the Galaxy, was a boring action movie involving giant monsters and robots. If you managed to make a movie with such a premise boring, then you’ve pretty much achieved the impossible.

All in all, this gets a 1/5.
Review - Pacific Rim
Director: Guillermo del Toro
Rating: PG-13
Score: 1/5 
Well, that was certainly an informative video. It's funny how different things seem when you hear both sides of the same story... 

So, for those who missed it, The Irate Gamer has finally come out of his 7 year silence with a half-hour long video pertaining to the Irate Gamer/Angry Video Game Nerd-scandal that started in 2007. I am of course not going to say that the things brought up were the definite truth, but judging from how things have turned out as of late, it could make even the most devout follower/hater of these two Youtube reviewing megastars into a skeptic. It certainly made me question the reality of Internet culture, and I am not even that big a fan of either. 

It might be a tad too late, but I feel the need to bring up my own stance on this matter (because I was there when the shit hit the fan):

I became familiar with Youtube in 2006 (the same year the AVGN came out with his Castlevania and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde videos). At that point, the angry video game reviewing-schtick was in it's cradle; it had not taken off yet. It did not take off for me either, as I was too busy exploring the site to notice. 

Things got real in 2007, when the AVGN became an online hit with Youtubers around the world, and I stumbled upon my very first game review (it was not an AVGN video, mind you). Back then, I laughed so hard at the curse words and crude humor, and it made me seek out other reviewers (which lead me to reviewers like Armake, UrinatingTree, etc.). One of these reviewers happened to be the Irate Gamer. I remember liking his videos and such, because he introduced me to so many games and movies and shows (because, I was not that well-rounded back then as I am today). I noticed, after a while, that many commenters on his videos all referred back to one common source: The Angry Video Game Nerd. 

So, out of curiosity, I started watching his stuff, starting with the very first Bible Games video. I got really infatuated with his style, and it made me watch more and more, which eventually lead to me having seen everything he had to offer at the time. Back then, he posted trailers for his reviews that all linked to Gametrailers, which meant that he would constantly come out with more and more content at later dates. 

"Sounds promising", I thought, and became a frequent watcher of his. 

Either way, after seeing both reviewers, I noticed certain patterns. Namely, that their reviewing styles were very similar, and that people coming from all sources and backgrounds started accusing Chris of being a copycat of James. It was not until people started comparing the videos and make longwinded rants (which ultimately introduced me to the ranting and commentary community) about this that I found out what the big deal was; it seemed as if Chris was a douche that willingly plagiarized James. That is how many people saw him, and that is pretty much how things are even today (at least for some people). 

So, within the time span of seven years, people started making video after video and rant after rant about how the Irate Gamer is the devil, and how the AVGN was robbed by him. Of course, it was not all bad; a few funny parodies popped up as well. But the majority of the videos were hate filled rants that cursed Irate Gamer's very existence. At the time, that was all we had to go on; videos and rumors on how Chris was the scourge of the Earth; he refused to make any comments on this, and the argument therefore became very lopsided. 

It is therefore a miracle that he finally comes out with his side of the story, and we can now see that... things MAY not be as they first seemed. Again, we have only Chris's word against James's, but the basic idea is that Chris never intended things to go the way they did. The various details of Chris's story (that perfectly match the timeline in which all of this occurred), coupled with the various questionable practices James has been part of (promoting a Cheetahmen scam, Mike Matei's overreach in terms of censorship, his Kickstarter campaigns etc.) paints a different picture of the once "innocent" James Rolfe. Not to the point where he deserves to be discredited, scorned or excommunicated, or to the point of him being an 'asshole', but it still makes you wonder who the "bad" guy is in all this. 

Irate Gamer has taken a lot of flak for 7 whole years, and for what exactly? Looking back at all those videos, rants and hate speeches, it all seems to ring hollow now; Chris does not seem like a bad guy, especially now that he has finally shared his story with us, and the fact that his story involved many less than rosy aspects to James's side of the story, COULD, at the very least, cast this whole scandal in a brand new light, which ultimately makes seven years of hatred seem... almost pointless. 

I am not trying to spread any rumors; I am just stating the facts that have been put forth on the Internet, and I'm making my own conclusions. My conclusion is this: The Irate Gamer-hate has to stop. This whole thing is growing a beard, it's too tiresome to talk about nowadays, and the angry reviewing schtick has sort of taken a backseat for the let's players (PewDiePie, Game Grumps, CinnamonToastKen, etc.). This scandal was already old five years ago, and it should just go and die in peace. 

So, that's my take on this. 

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You know, since I am a reviewer, I am part of an opinionated group of people. I watch a plentiful amount of movies and shows, read many books and comics, and play many video games. Therefore, I have strong opinions about why something in a particular medium works/doesn't work. Of course, I am not the only one, and that's why there are so many reviewers on the Internet. 

So, there's no surprise that series like Animated Atrocities exist; they are there to state an opinion, and then elaborate on said opinion. That being said, I can't help but think that, while the reviewer is in no way stating any of his opinions as facts, some of his opinions are based on some misunderstandings of the source material. 

I have checked out a few episodes, and I absolutely love how this guy conducts himself; he is well-versed, and I can nod in agreement on more than one of his arguments. However, when I finally came to his various Family Guy reviews, I could not help but feel that he completely missed the point of that show. Sure, I do not find the show that good either, but I at least know what it is trying to accomplish. 

You see, when he starts complaining about offensive humor, or cliché gimmicks, I thought to myself: "Well, it's supposed to be offensive and the gimmicks are supposed to be cliché." It's not like the show is trying to glorify the topics they make fun of, or act as if the statements made reflect the opinions of the people involved. As a matter of fact, there's a lot of self-awareness in here, embodied by the fact that the show makes fun of everything in existence; they don't try to make you care about the characters, they are just using them as tools for mean-spirited jokes. You're not supposed to like any of them. 

The idea behind the show - at least to me - is that it uses all of these aspects as means for satire. Specifically, a satire of television. The thing that speaks for that theory is the aforementioned clichéd gimmicks: overdone jokes, incessant Star Wars-references, sappy melodrama, racist caricatures, etc. All of these aspects are supposed to be there, as most other shows it spoofs or make fun of all do the same things. 

This is not a personal attack, or an attempted degradation of another guy's opinions. This is just a counterpoint to this guy's criticisms. 
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Can rappers be considered poets, and can stand-up comedians be considered philosophers? 
  • Mood: Annoyed
  • Listening to: Game Grumps


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